June 13th, 2006

Looking for Hardware Advice

I have decided to purchase a new desktop workstation PC. I have had just my laptop for five years now, and it's time to get some desktop power again. The problem is that hardware bores me no end, so I have not kept up with any hardware-related news or technology.

Essentially, I need a multi-purpose powerful station, for software development and writing. I don't need the latest graphics/multimedia gadgets, and I don't intend to do photo-editing on it.

I would love to hear concise recommendations, both for and against, vendors, manufacturers, and models, as well as specific dos and don'ts you consider relevant.

What I know so far:
  • I need at least 1GB RAM. I probably want 2GB. (Is "DDR" what I want?)
  • I don't need a fast CPU. (I tend to trust Intel, but should I go for AMD?)
  • I want a 19" thin LCD display.
Thanks in advance for any information you can contribute.