Asaf Bartov (ijon) wrote,
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Zeresh is Dead

My cat, Zeresh, co-adopted with arnulf a few years ago, is dead.

She had been living with my parents these past couple of years, along with Cecily, a foundling rescued by lilacsinmarch and arnulf.

Yesterday, my mother found Zeresh's body on the back lawn, lifeless. Nobody knows how it happened; the two conjectures are either that she was run over in the street (where she rarely ventured) and somehow made it to the back lawn (but there were no physical signs of an encounter with a car), or that she somehow consumed poison.

She was a little over four years old. She had the sweetest disposition I have ever encountered in a cat. In the past two years, I saw her infrequently, but my mother became quite attached to her.

Zeresh links:
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