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A Letter to a Friend by Melamed

Ariana Melamed, Israeli journalist and intellectual, has published a column in ynet (Hebrew) called "A Letter to a Friend". When ygurvitz told me about it this morning, I reeled. Melamed is certainly aware of the gravity of this allusion, and her using it evinces just how bleak things look to her, as they do to me. I was mortified at the possibility this allusion suggests -- that not-too-many years from now, people will read this letter and shake their heads at the folly and evil that has taken place between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean, and was the context of this echo of Camus' famous letter, as they do today at the original.

This brings home, certainly not for the first time, but in a literary context now, the intolerable injustice inherent in this senseless conflict and terrifying display of the reign of the fanatic few over the sane minority, as enabled by the indifferent and shallow vast majority.

I am more oppressed by The Situation every day. I truly don't know what to do, though.
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