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April 7th, 2002
07:15 pm


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It begins...
The Undersecretary of Internal Security (or Public Security; the ministry's Web site cannot make up its mind about the English term), Gideon Ezra, has declared that the peace advocates in the Israeli parliament are "on the brink of treason" and that the General Security Service (i.e. Israeli FBI) should "keep an eye on them, because some of them may deliver sensitive military information to the Palestinians".

Asked for an example, Ezra did not shy from pointing fingers and naming names: he blames the Ha'aretz daily newspaper, which I've mentioned before, and even specifically targets journalist Gideon Levy, famous for covering injustice and crimes committed against Palestinian civilians, and almost universally considered one-sided and worse. Ezra was deputy commander of the GSS, and no doubt has a personal axe to grind with Levy.

This is the beginning of the end. These are the voices that will quench the fire of democracy.

Source: ynet [Hebrew]

update: for my non-Hebrew-speaking readers: English coverage in Ha'aretz.

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Date:April 7th, 2002 04:18 pm (UTC)

Oh, Asaf. I wished it wouldn't happen.

(Link) you believe me, yet?

(power-base building time, changing the world time. Or running away time. But it's wilting in front of your very eyes, and you deserve better.)

(and I apologize for seeing it and saying it. I wish I were wise enough not to say it, or able in any way not to *see* it.)

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Date:April 8th, 2002 04:48 pm (UTC)

It will take all the skills we have...

… to work, and achieve results, under inimical conditions. But if that’s the situation we’ve got, by force of circumstances -- better that we know it, and function accordingly.

Yes, it’s worrisome and even scary and downright dangerous. I myself experienced America (at university, in the 1970s), but not Argentina nor the Third Reich. I have no illusions about how bad “it” could get – which is why it’s so important to act while there’s still time and the means to do so. And work to turn the situation around.

Commitment to ideals, when those ideals are threatened, requires commitment to praxis. Ideals that are so essential and valued, so important and beautiful, it’d be too much of a shame to betray them and lose them. (Of course, one option is to detach from them, replace them; that’s not what I’m about here.) To support that commitment when all is at risk, means taking difficult steps; there may be sacrifice involved. The situation is terrible, but not lost/hopeless as long as we ourselves are not lost/without hope. I say this as sure as I work in the Ghetto Fighters’ Archives.

About the situation at hand, that you describe
(6.iv.2002: Israeli “treasonwatch” per GSS undersec’y Gideon Ezra):
It’s so understandable as to be utterly predictable, that a government perceiving a risk to itself, will enact ways and means to target and neutralize risks. (Pardon the language!) Not just leftist/dovish elected figures, as in the item you quote, but their supporters…

Of course, a right-wing government will utilize repressive tactics; it’s part of their repertoire and should surprise no one. So: the freedom of the press and public’s right to know are vital and deserve our every effort. The latter would be well served by keeping basic and civil rights clearly in view. (A constitution would help, too… )

I realize, and much to my regret, that Israel’s peculiar democracy is a perverted one. It stops being “of the people” once the duly-elected representatives get into parliament and start making power-pacts of the sort that are now (yet again!) putting the strong-man operatives of minority parties into positions of authority far beyond that warranted by their electoral numbers. The USA’s system deserves emulation – though many Israelis seem to reveal their entire interest in the “American way” starts and ends with the material standard of living of the consumerist economy, thank-you-very-much.

Those who advocate nonviolent struggle to achieve their ends, have the more difficult task. The other side uses lethal weapons. We should have no illusions whatsoever about the dangers. But these are not only the physical ones. Attacking civil liberties, in the figurative sense, is lethal to ideals, principles and values. So it's quite a demanding task to defend them. Let's do it! For them, for us.

NB: I’m even/already concerned, as I type these words, how they may be seen (by certain eyes) as incitement, subversive. Should I worry how I write, and by what means I public-ize this, and who will read it?
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