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It begins...

The Undersecretary of Internal Security (or Public Security; the ministry's Web site cannot make up its mind about the English term), Gideon Ezra, has declared that the peace advocates in the Israeli parliament are "on the brink of treason" and that the General Security Service (i.e. Israeli FBI) should "keep an eye on them, because some of them may deliver sensitive military information to the Palestinians".

Asked for an example, Ezra did not shy from pointing fingers and naming names: he blames the Ha'aretz daily newspaper, which I've mentioned before, and even specifically targets journalist Gideon Levy, famous for covering injustice and crimes committed against Palestinian civilians, and almost universally considered one-sided and worse. Ezra was deputy commander of the GSS, and no doubt has a personal axe to grind with Levy.

This is the beginning of the end. These are the voices that will quench the fire of democracy.

Source: ynet [Hebrew]

update: for my non-Hebrew-speaking readers: English coverage in Ha'aretz.

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