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Today, I was publicly condemned in the Israeli Roleplaying Society's forum, and was proclaimed to be "FARSH" (Hebrew slang picked up from Arabic, to those unfamiliar with the term). I deserved it, too. It is because I have been procrastinating about a phone call to this really nice guy for almost three months now. I do suck, he's got a point...

Procrastination's the name of the game, as my friend gaal reminds me occasionally (unless he's too lazy to do that).

But I do not procrastinate solely regarding trivialities. Oh, no! I procrastinate about the following things:
1. The Ben-Yehuda Project.
2. My homepage, which is an outdated mess.
3. Adapting a certain book into a libretto. (Hmm, adapting should be 'to', but that somehow didn't sound right here).
4. Starting my swan-song role-playing campaign in Israel.
5. Putting some effort into one of my half-written stories, which may have the blessed side-effect of putting some life into my ancient creative works page.
6. Writing an article about anti-intellectualism in Israel.
7. Writing an article about the Israeli public education system.
8. Learning to play the piano.
9. Translating a science-fiction story for the ISFSF&F site, a long-overdue promise to jspoons.
10. Probably several other things regarding which I'm procrastinating so hard I can't even remember them. :(


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