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Goodbye to All That

I've just notified the members of my regular (weekly) role-playing party that I am aborting our ongoing game (role-players call this a 'campaign'), because I just can't find the peace of mind necessary to plan and run the game any more. It's because of The Situation -- the war between Israel and the Palestinians, and the political mess that begot it and that surrounds it still -- and all my players shook their heads and said that I shouldn't take it so bad; that I shouldn't let the terrors that surround me (and them!) prevent me from indulging in imaginative role-playing, in imagined realities and stories of fictional human beings; that I should hang in there, especially now. But I can't. I just can't find the gumption necessary to play, or run, a role-playing game.

What I am doing more of these days is publicly discussing politics. I've begun participating in debates held in this forum (Hebrew), and am contemplating various avenues of activism I might enter.
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