Asaf Bartov (ijon) wrote,
Asaf Bartov

Jane Eyre / Charlotte Bronte

I finally got around to rereading Jane Eyre. I had read it more than 20 years ago, in a Hebrew translation, and had been far too young to appreciate it then.

I found Bronte's writing excellent, and her style pleasing. I particularly enjoyed her keen descriptions of Jane's experiences in the first half of the novel -- at Gateshead, at Lowood, and at Thornfield before the mutual confession of love.

Those descriptions show Bronte to have been an astute observer of children and adults alike, and the character - I mean the personality and fiber -- of Jane herself is refreshing, vivid, and always a little surprising.

The second half was less enjoyable, and in particular I felt the whole section with the Rivers family at Moor House was too long by half, and rather less spirited than the first half of the novel.

I shall probably try one of the other novels by Bronte at some later point.

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