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Haaretz (and The Slot)

In several posts in this journal, I have quoted from and linked to my favorite Israeli newspaper, and the only one that's truly worth reading in Israel, in my opinion, Haaretz. The ever-vigilant ygurvitz sent me a Washington Post columnist's praise of Haaretz.

Incidentally, I admire a copy editor named Bill Walsh. He runs a great site for copy editors, called The Slot (what's a Slot, you ask? Bill explains), and has published a book of style and grammar punditry which is much to my taste. His writing is vivid, clear, and bold, and his attitude to language rubs me the right way.

Reading the aforementioned WP article, I encountered one of those despicable it's instead of its mistakes, and felt a pang of disappointment -- "ol' Bill screwed up", I sighed to myself. But then I recalled that his resume mentioned that he is copy chief of the Business Desk, and is thus not responsible for this mistake. Ah, the relief...
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