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Haaretz (and The Slot) - Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
July 5th, 2002
03:27 am


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Haaretz (and The Slot)

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Date:July 7th, 2002 07:41 am (UTC)

What's bugging you?

> I thought that the article was patronizing. The whole point of it was that even in (small? young? middle-eastern?)Israel, there is a newspaper that dares publish an opinion that criticizes its goverment, at a time of crisis.<

Was it? That's not "the whole point" I read. What makes you interpret the article that way?

>Would the same writer write an article about a British/American (or any other "Western") newspaper criticizing its government's policy? I don't think so.<

Yes, he would, had England been a constant major issue in world news. Diehl himself points out that US media and other world media have a hard time themselves in keeping up their reporting standards in the face of the massive public desire for bland patriotic rhetoric and the government's cynical use of this to brand valid criticism as "unpatriotic", "unamerican", etc.

>The writer seemed to be simply amazed that the Israeli media shows some kind of maturity, or that a mediterranian country is actually implementing the principal of Freedom of Speech.<

Again, I find your reading more dramatic than mine, and I have a hard time finding clues in the text to support your reading. What makes you decide that he is amazed? I just find him genuinely appreciative.

>It's not that I don't agree with him, regarding Haaretz, it's just that it felt as though we were being judged by the standards of common arab country and not by the standards of a western country.<

I disagree yet again. He specifically compares the situation to the post-WTC disaster press in the western world, and he does not seem to mention Arab press. What, exactly, offends you so much?

As for standards, Israel has a very immature democratic regime, certainly superior to most if not all Arabic regimes, but still quite inferior and sorely lacking in comparison with the leading western democracies.
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