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Today I renewed my subscription to the Cameri theater (literally: chamber theater, as in chamber music). I like that theater, and I was pleased with the plays I have seen during my previous subscription.

This time, however, I made it a double subscription. This means that I must use up two tickets at a time, but that each ticket is somewhat cheaper. So, I need partners in crime to go to theater with me. Apply via e-mail. (Yes, you too!)

Specifically, I look forward to the following plays:
  • Copenhagen -- by Michael Frayn (gaal said I absolutely must)
  • The Ohio Hooker -- by Hanoch Levin
  • Mother Courage -- by Bertolt Brecht
  • Nathan der Weise -- by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  • Once in a Lifetime -- by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart (My brother yoavb actually starred in a youth theater production of this play. I think he'll be my partner for this particular play. yoavb was brilliant in the producer's role.)
  • An Ideal Husband -- by Oscar Wilde (I can't be expected to pass up a Wilde production, eh?)
  • A Hole in the Stage Curtain -- A cabaret of Ephraim Kishon's work (can't pass that up, either...)
  • Beyond the Borders -- by Yossef Haim Brenner (producing the electronic version of this same work as part of Project Ben-Yehuda, I can't possibly pass this one up, naturally).
  • Eye-witness -- by Yehoshua Sobol (About an Austrian farmer who refuses to enlist to the Third Reich's Wehrmacht).
  • The Poet -- by Edna Mazia (Mazia disappointed me with her previous play ("Herod"), but since this play is based on Nathan Altermann's life, I'll give it a shot.)
  • The Cherry Orchard -- by Anton Chekhov (being ignorant of his works so far, this will be a good opportunity to watch one of his classic works)

Hmm. Too many plays, too few tickets. Tch.

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