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About two years ago, gaal recommended that I see the play Copenhagen, which was then offered by the Israeli Chamber Theater. As soon as I heard that it was a play featuring Bohr and Heisenberg as characters, it was obvious that I must see the play.

Time passed.

Last night, instead of doing my Greek homework, I went to see Copenhagen, which, happily, is still running this season at said theater. It is an excellent, profound play. Oded Teomi was fabulous as Bohr, and Ohad Shachar was no less effective as Heisenberg. The only disappointment was Sara von Schwartze, who played Mrs. Bohr. She was terrible! Dull acting, a weak-bodied voice, and bad diction all added up to make her a huge letdown. The other two and the play made up for it, though.

If you're not afraid of a few basic terms in physics, or of a play that's entirely based on conversation, with very little "action", it is highly recommended.

Thanks, gaal!

p.s. the Greek homework is fine, thanks for asking.
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