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Sometimes enough is enough - Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
January 28th, 2003
05:44 pm


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Sometimes enough is enough
There is a biblical phrase "...thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee." (Isaiah 49:17, KJV) In Hebrew, it's מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו. The Hebrew original can be read as "thy destroyers and they that shall make thee waste shall originate in thee." However, the context (Isaiah delivering a prophecy of comfort to the people of Israel, promising that the enemies would leave (i.e. the KJV translation is correct)) clearly disallows this reading.

Nevertheless, a great many people use this phrase out of context in the wrong sense described above, when responding to, or rather just commenting upon, some criticism made by someone perceived as part of the group, e.g. an Israeli voicing allegedly unpatriotic opinions, or a Jew expressing, heavens forbid, support for the cessation of racial discrimination in Israel, etc. That phrase is used, often as the sole content of the message, often with a high and mighty air, as in "as is written in the Bible..."

This really bugs me. Today, an article ygurvitz linked to (in Hebrew) received a reader comment with this phrase as title and as the final sentence of the (long) comment itself. Ugh. So it finally bugged me enough to put up a short Web page explaining this (Hebrew). I hope it will eventually be noticed and linked to by people in whose face this phrase is thrust -- quoting the bible out of ignorance can and should be exposed and discredited.

The things that push my buttons... :)

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Date:January 29th, 2003 01:23 pm (UTC)

זה לא נדיר במיוחד

היפוך המשמעות של ביטויים אינו נדיר בשפה העברית. קח למשל את "ניער חוצנו" - במשמעותו כיום, הכוונה להתנערות ממשהו, נטישת מישהו. המשמעות המקורית היתה הקדשת כל כולך למשהו מסויים, ולהנער מכל מה שמחץ לעיניין הזה, חוצנו.
ישנו גם מצב של ביטוי שהפח חלקית את משמעותו, ונשאר בכפל המשמעויות, בעיקר בסלנג: "חבל על הזמן", "סוף הדרך". אבל עדיף שאפסיק לדון בעיניין זה: איני לינגוויסט, ומדובר באוסף עובדות אקראיות שליקטתי מתוך "הזירה הלשונית" בעיתון סופשבוע של מעריב.

אגב, המשמעות ההפוכה, למיטב הבנתי, תקנית.
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Date:January 31st, 2003 05:11 am (UTC)
Apropos of nothing at all -- you showed up in my dreams last night! And I think gaal was there too (and I could just feel the wheels of my brain spinning trying to figure out how to portray you -- you actually got to have some sort of human face, albeit in pretty serious profile, but I think he was just stuck holding a blue balloon, and quite possibly being a kangaroo).

It was some kind of postapocalyptic situation where a friend and I were running away from some unpleasant people who wanted to kill us (my dreams are always like this and it's really tiresome), and we were just about to run out of ideas for how to get away and flip out, when we encountered the two of you in a clearing (conveniently having some sort of identifying conversation, so that I felt comfortable coming out of the woods and saying hi -- it was the sort of postapocalyptic world with little bands of people who are all totally paranoid about each other and tend to kill one another). I have no idea what you were doing on this side of the ocean, but you had liberated a spectacular arsenal from the IDF, which made things really look up from my perspective.

Uh, yeah.

At any rate, it was a lot better than my other dream last night, in which Hayden Christenson wouldn't stop reading Shakespeare very perkily to Natalie Portman. shudder
Date:February 8th, 2003 05:55 am (UTC)
Regarding the article in question, I should point out that, as always, the press is more-than-slightly altering the facts. Take everything there with a grain of salt, from the details of the incident, through the inquiery of the fiasco and to the punishment officer A. recieved.

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