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More Perry Papers

Touching on my first paper for Prof. Perry's course in the previous entry, I realized that I haven't posted the other two papers I have since written for that course. They are better, I think. So let me remedy that:

My second paper was on the way information is distributed throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald's Babylon Revisited, based on Prof. Perry's article "Literary Dynamics: How the Order of a Text Creates its Meaning" (a terrible scan of the English translation of that article is available here). If you're interested in reading my paper (in Hebrew, alas), please try to read Fitzgerald's story first. It would be hard to make sense of the paper without having read the story (recently).

My second paper.

My third paper was on binary oppositions and reality domains in Maupassant's "Two Friends". Happily, that work is in the public domain, and available in French and English. The English translation is a bit loose for some of the finer points I make in my paper regarding specific terms; if you can, read the original.

My third paper.
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