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Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
March 6th, 2003
01:27 am


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Amusing Anecdotes of Academe
1. (told by batilda) In a freshman exam on Roman History, a student wrote: "The conspirators lunged at Caesar like wolves upon Bambi".

2. (told by one of my professors) In a history exam, a student asserted that "Marx Weber was the first socialist." This one I find truly astounding -- it works on so many levels! :)

3. Had a fabulous day. Too exhausted to write about it. Tomorrow. Call me names if I don't.

Current Mood: amazed and amused

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Date:March 7th, 2003 02:45 pm (UTC)
Do I get to start calling you names now?
"Ijon! You Ijon, you!"
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