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Thoughts on this night:
  • Anticipation can be very sweet.
  • Sometimes I judge myself too harshly (but not often).
  • Cats are wonderful.
  • Everything seems more worthwhile than sleeping right now; I must sleep, because I have a demanding day at the university tomorrow (including an identify-this-passage exam on some 1500 pages of text), but don't feel like it, and I can think of a dozen things to do instead. I shall go to sleep nonetheless.
  • Here is the most beautiful text I have ever read on love:
I wonder, love, are you
a long farewell that never ends?
From the first, living is separating.
In the first encounter
with light, with lips,
the heart perceives the anguish
of having to be blind and alone some day.
Love is the miraculous delay
of its own termination.
-- from a poem by Pedro Salinas; translator from the Spanish unattributed in my now-forgotten source
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