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Papers, papers

I have two papers to write by Sunday. One is in Dr. Yacobi's excellent "Elements of Poetry" class, and the other is in Dr. Gluzman's problematic "Introduction to the Theory of Literature" (which is really an overview of theories of literature, and not some indoctrination into one particular theory).

For my poetry paper, I'm to analyze the use of figures to generate meaning in a certain poem by Nathan Alterman, and while the poem is very difficult, I'm enjoying the process, which includes reading some five articles on metaphor and poetry. Then again, I have not written a word yet, so this is probably short-lived.

The Gluzman paper is on Feminist Literary Theory; it's a simple one-page assignment asking me to compare and contrast two articles, by Cixous and Showalter. Haven't read the articles yet, and I have my reservations about Cixous (don't know anything about Showalter yet), but the Fem. Theory we've been introduced to so far wasn't bad (it was mostly by Israeli scholars, Dr. Gluzman among them), so we'll see.

This is all an excuse to point out that all true wisdom is found in Calvin in Hobbes!

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