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I could spend a happy evening at Shvua HaSefer1 with hattie.
I could spend a happy evening listening to great jazz with kakapo2.
I could spend a happy evening at an event dedicated to Tschernichowski's3 poetry.
But it doesn't seem to matter,
For my Greek I must unscatter,
(And, believe me, it is scattered)
What to do?


1 Hebrew Book Week, starting today.
2 I've heard Avishay Cohen and Yonatan Avishay playing in "A New Quintet" in the Red Sea Jazz Festival some four years ago, and loved them.
3 I can't figure out a canonical way to spell his last name in English. I love his poetry. His poetry is generally almost obscure in current Hebrew culture -- he's considered great, but in actuality is barely read, is not taught, and rarely discussed. Probably no little thanks to his having married a shiksa, i.e. a non-Jew, coupled with his Nietzschean-Pagan sentiments. So this event can't be something likely to return any time soon. A terrible shame.
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