Asaf Bartov (ijon) wrote,
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Good Things About This Week:
  • An unexpected package from an LJ friend containing a CD from my wish list (Martha Argerich playing Bach Partitas). What a heartwarming surprise!
  • Hebrew Book Week began today! [books!]
  • Realizing that Greek material that's been difficult in the past isn't difficult at all. I may be able to read Homer one day after all.
  • Some badly-needed solitude

Not So Good Things About This Week:
  • Greek verbs with second aorist forms; verba contracta; twisted conditional phrases; general angst about the Greek exam (taking place tomorrow morning)
  • The stupi--no, cynical! assassination of Rantissi, clearly meant to thwart any chance, heaven forbid, of progress in the "roadmap" process. The painfully predictable terror bombings that followed (15 dead this afternoon in Jerusalem).
  • The clear realization of the magnitude of neglect I am guilty of, on so many fronts.
  • Hebrew Book Week began today! [there goes my salary]
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