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Out of curiosity:
Poll #161367 Boredom and Time Management

How often do you get bored (at home, not at work etc.)

Practically every day
Often, at least a couple of times a week
Sometimes, at least a couple of times a month
Rarely, once a month or less
Practically never

What's your strategy to handle boredom?

When you have several choices of activity, on your own, how do you choose?

bonus question1: Which aspect is more important to you, in a potential activity: the social aspect or the cultural aspect? The social aspect would be the number of people involved, the amount of conversation or other social interaction involved in the activity, etc. A board-game, or a drinking game, both have significant social content. The cultural aspect would be the cultural content, or intake, offered by the activity. Movies, poetry evenings, etc., have cultural content.

1 Polls can't be edited in LJ. Leave a comment with your reply to the bonus question. Detailed answers welcome.
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