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My grandparents have returned from their vacation in Poland a couple of days ago. I paid them a visit this evening. We talked a bit, and we were happy to see each other. Grandma brought me a shirt (and will be losing sleep until I try it on and announce that it fits great), and a moose! Yea, verily: a moose! I shudder to think how many stores she scoured in search of a moose. I know; I tried to find moose in Poland last year -- ain't easy!

I told grandma that the moose must be named. She agreed and asked what I'm waiting for. I told her I'd like her to name this moose, and to give him a proper Polish name. She thought for a moment, and declared that the moose shall henceforth be known as Antek. Antek the Moose. Vaguely named after Antek Zuckerman, of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

They both congratulated me on Operation Flat, and both expressed their sadness at my leaving home (my parents live next door to them). I assured them I'll be visiting a lot.

How I love them.
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