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All that jazz


I'm off to Eilat, southernmost point in Israel, to relax and attend the Red Sea Jazz Festival, with hattie and tnok. It's a long, fun, beautiful drive to Eilat, and I should have been asleep now, by rights. But moose being as they are, I've returned from cinamon's, after an absolutely wonderful four-hour conversation on a million things (like the good old days), and I'm not too sleepy. I've removed lots of junk from David's trunk (David is my faithful steed, yes?), to make room for the bags. I feel like writing(!), but I shan't. Instead, as the Earl of Caversham suggested, I shall go to bed at once.

(I'll be back Friday. In case of emergencelk, I'll be intermittently available on my sillyfone.)
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