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Special Flatwarming Challenge - Impressions and Expressions of Ijon
September 22nd, 2003
12:41 am


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Special Flatwarming Challenge
So, you can't make it to our Flatwarming, eh? You live across the ocean, you're on reserve duty, you're feeding your turtle, yeah, save it. Instead of making excuses, take the Special No-show Challenge!

Special No-show Challenge: send us a recorded greeting, to be played at the Flatwarming! It must include your own voice, but the content, as well as potential guest artists, is up to you. arnulf adds: Extra credit for a video greeting, Flash animation, or thinking out of the box!

Cheating: those of you who are coming to the Flatwarming may elect to cheat and also send us a recorded greeting anyhow, just to add to the general fun and hilarity. Cheaters will be harshly praised.

Technical info: e-mail me anything smaller than one megabyte, or upload your greeting to some FTP/HTTP server and send us a link (we'll grab it ASAP to let you clear up the space, if that's an issue). If you make a large greeting and don't have access to a world-accessible server, e-mail me the details and I'll work something out.

Current Mood: silly
Current Music: Jacques Brel -- Ne Me Quitte Pas

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Date:September 23rd, 2003 12:50 am (UTC)

how can THAT be cheating?

I consider cheating as the easier way - like writing "all your base are belong to us" and get a lot of game money - and not an extra work.
Date:September 23rd, 2003 01:41 pm (UTC)
אין לי ציוד! אני יכולה להביא את ניק שיעשה כישוף מזל לדירה במקום
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