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Homer 2004 is underway

I thank everyone who came last night to the introductory lecture. I hope you found it worthwhile.

I've prepared two online resources:

homer2004 -- this is a new LJ community, which you're all welcome to join, in which we shall discuss Homer and the Iliad between meetings, elaborate on things not covered, ask and answer questions, and point to links online. Any member can post, and any LJ user can become a member. Those of you still without an LJ account (you know who you are!), please get one, if only for participation in this community (but also for easier aggregation of your friend's entries, and for less-anonymous comments). If you need an invitation code, I have plenty, e-mail me.

Seminar Resource Page -- this page will contain links to material handed out during the seminar meetings, links to relevant Internet sites, etc. It already features last night's lecture slides, handout page, and the "previously, in Troy" story I've read to you. I will update it with new material as the seminar progresses.

Logistics: As promised, the regular day of the week and hour were decided by those who showed up last night, and it is this: Every other Thursday, at 20:00 (sharp!). That is, one meeting every two weeks. Next meeting is November 6th, 20:00, my place. Those who have not attended last night's lecture are welcome to catch up using the resources above, and are most welcome to ask questions in the community about stuff they're not sure they got from the notes.

This journal will soon stop featuring constant Homer 2004 announcements, and return to its usual drudgery, so please, if you're interested in the Homer seminar, join or at least befriend the homer2004 community, since that's where I shall post such stuff henceforth.

P.S. Special thanks to I., who brought Antek his own hand-made, inscribed mug! Lucky (elky?) Antek!

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