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Asaf Bartov
27 February 1977
For fun and profit, I read, study, teach ancient languages, and tame computers.

I'm a professional procrastinator. Really, I'm quite good at it!

Apparently, I am favored by Serendipity.

I founded and am general editor of Project Ben-Yehuda [Hebrew].

I contribute to the Hebrew Wikipedia, and am a board member of Wikimedia Israel.

I refuse to serve as an IDF reservist in the occupied territories, and have been imprisoned for it.
acting, anthony burgess, art, autodidacticism, autodidacts, bach, beauty, bialik, bob dylan, books, bookshops, borges, brilliance, cats, charles dickens, cheese, classical music, classics, clever voles, conversation, copyright reform, cyrano de bergerac, david avidan, david bowie, deipnosophists, democracy, drama, education, emergent phenomena, english, english wit, ernest hemingway, etymology, etyvology, euripides, excellence, finnish, foo, foreign languages, friendship, future of mankind, german, gifted education, grammar, greek, greek history, greek literature, hebrew, hebrew literature, heinrich von kleist, history, homer, humanism, intertextuality, israel, jabberwocky, jacques brel, jazz, jethro tull, john cale, jorge luis borges, jose saramago, keith jarrett, king crimson, kishon, language, language acquisition, languages, lantra, latin, learning, lem, leonard cohen, library studies, literacy, literary translation, literature, meir ariel, meir shalev, mika waltari, monty python, moo, moose, music, mycenae, mythology, neil gaiman, neil young, nicholson baker, nick drake, opera, oscar wilde, pedro salinas, philip glass, philosophy, pink floyd, plays, poetry, politics, procrastination, progressive rock, project ben-yehuda, public policy, rachmaninov, reading, requiem, richard wagner, role playing games, role-playing, rpgs, russian, s. yizhar, self-improvement, serendipity, shakespeare, sophocles, squash, st. john's college, stanislaw lem, stephen crane, stephen fry, teaching, tetrapyloctomy, the western canon, theater, thinkers, thinking, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, translation, translators, trivium, tschernichowski, umberto eco, vladimir nabokov, volanguage, vologic, wagner, wikipedia, wilde, william meredith, william shakespeare, william styron, wit, words, writing, yiddish, yizhar smilansky

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